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Sometimes a client will approach us without really knowing what they want. All they know is that they have something important to say and they are looking for a great idea to help them do it.


When GSK provided free medicines for Sri Lanka to treat 10 million people in a single day, the idea came first -- what if we coordinated a simultaneous internal and external awareness campaign, in print, online and via the media.


The campaign was a success, and the treatment day was captured in a corporate film which took the Grand Prize at that year's New York Festivals of Film. All from a simple 'what if'?

An image from GSK's 'One Day' video

Above: The opening frame of GSK's 'One Day' corporate film

Branding material for Nycomed's values

Corporate merchandise that's cool? Seriously? Well that was the goal.


After developing a new logo and branding guide book for the values sub-brand, the next task was to make it appear everywhere.


There were t-shirts, a tube map showing company locations, all in limited quantities to add to their exclusivity.


Celebrating 30 years of Pandora jewellery

Pandora is a brand that is synonymous with those special moments in life. So how to celebrate Pandora's own special event: its 30th anniversary?


How about with a collection of the 30 most precious moments in its history?


This mini-booklet, produced with Mark Stevens, was issued as a companion to the company's 2012 Annual Magazine.

A range of infographics for ALK-Abello

ALK-Abello takes its investor communications seriously. It challenge is always: "How can we make it clearer? How can we give the information more impact?"


One solution was to generate a series of infographic illustrations, using the company's colour palette to stay on brand, but adding a whole new dimension of clarity to those shareholder and analyst briefings.

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